We don’t talk much about what we love about sales, do we? It seems to be to read the word in question and automatically prepare the wallet for what may happen. All this while forgetting for a moment that, just the day before, we had once again promised ourselves not to buy anything at all, because we are drier than the mojama. But sales are like that and it’s almost impossible not to fall into temptation.

And it is that, yesterday, Steam gave the starting signal to the promotion “Spring Sale”, with hundreds of discounted games and lots of them, have been released recently. But be warned, if you thought the only thing you were going to see on sale were games, let me tell you, there’s even more. Do you know the Steam Deck console? You have it? Otherwise I think This can be your big opportunity.

The Steam Deck console is discounted

  • Yes, as you read, the console Steam Deck has lowered its price a few days after its first anniversary of release.
  • The console has a discount 10% discount.

These are the prices of the Steam Deck

  • Steam Platform – 64GB eMMC
    • More carrying case
      • Before: 419’00€
      • NOW: 377,10€
  • Steam Deck – 256GB NVMe SSD
    • faster storage
    • More carrying case
    • Steam Community Exclusive Profile Pack
      • Before: 549’00€
      • NOW: 494’10€
  • Steam Deck – 512GB NVMe SSD
    • faster storage
    • Premium anti-glare screen
    • Exclusive transport case
    • Steam Community Exclusive Profile Pack
    • Virtual keyboard with exclusive theme
      • Before: 679’00€
      • NOW: 611’10€

You can get the version of Steam Deck you prefer through the next link.

The 10% discount on Steam Deck will be Available until March 23, 2023.

While the Steam Deck console is in full swing, one of its developers spoke a few days ago about its future, in which they did not rule out an OLED version of it for the future.

To tell the truth, it is that the 10% drop in the price of the console is rather good, especially that of its version with more storage, which in price we can save a total of €68.

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