Square Enix’s Controversial Blockchain Game Symbiogenesis Will Have Over 10,000 NFT Characters

Square Enix’s Controversial Blockchain Game Symbiogenesis Will Have Over 10,000 NFT Characters

It seems that the fever for NFT and cryptocurrencies have declined over time, and many companies that had claimed to explore the blockchain world in multiple ways are backing down. One of the few video game companies moving forward with their plans is Square-Enix, and it seems that Symbiogenesishis first major project of this kind, is about to be officially launched.

This morning a first presentation video what kind of world Symbiogenesis will present, and as we suspect, it will be pure fantasy. In addition to that, Square Enix has shared more details about What will the non-fungible tokens going on sale this month look like?.

Symbiogenesis first trailer

  • Symbiogenesis, according to Square Enix itself, is defined as a “A whole new form of NFT-based entertainment in which there will be over 10,000 collectible artworks that will have real utility within the game”
  • This means that this work will consist of over 10,000 characters purchasable as NFTsso that a player can exclusively possess a specific individual
  • Each and every one of these characters will have a unique design and they will feature a wide variety of races and jobs (and their faces can be used as user avatars)
  • To give a practical example: if Symbiogenesis features a guy named Cloud Jr and I buy his NFT, he will automatically become my property and no one else in the world will be able to own him
  • How will this “video game” work? :
    • Users must complete a main story and other types of assignments while unlocking “stories related to each character”
    • Then you must find objects that are hidden by the floating continent (the Symbiogenesis map)
    • The end of the plot will be decided by the people by participating in a ‘Final Mission’ in which an important decision will be made

A fiasco that once again broke the hearts of Parasite Eve fans

When it was announced that Square Enix had registered the name Symbiogenesislovers of the Parasive Eve saga were delighted again before the possibility of Aya Brea’s return being confirmed (since symbiogenesis is a relevant term in their world). However, we already know how this story ended..

Is there any chance that Parasite Eve will return to the current scene, even with a remaster or a port? I myself have analyzed this whole situation in the following article.

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