Square Enix’s fall/winter lineup is filled with JRPG-themed gamesin September the publisher released Valkyrie Elysium on the PlayStation consoles but there are other outstanding titles coming out and thanks to the collaboration with Square Enix, we offer you a new event page to follow all the news on the games in issue, including notably The DioField Chronicle, Dragon Quest Tresures and Star Ocean The Divine Force.

Specifically, the dedicated Square Enix RPG World page on Everyeye.it has protagonists At harvest, The DioField Chronicle, Star Ocean The Divine Force, Valkyrie Elysee, Tactical Ogre Reborn, Treasures of Dragon Quest e Theatrical final measuring line.

A hub for all editorial content on the games mentioned, not just reviews (like the DioField Chronicle review) but also news, guides, trailers, previews, retrospectives, special videos, interviews and more others content edited by the editorial staff of Everyeye.

For example, to start we point out to you the guide of The DioField Chronicle, the five things to know absolutely about Valkyrie Elysium, the review of Tactics Ogre Reborn, the guide with the cheats of Tactics Ogre Reborn, the review of Star Ocean The Divine Force and Dragon Quest Treasures review pending Theatrical final measuring line.

We invite you to bookmark the Square Enix RPG World page in your browser and come back to visit it every day, there will be newsto bring you in-depth editorial coverage of new Square Enix games coming this fall and winter.

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