Hard blow for world football. At the age of 30 and after receiving a strong blow to the head, Sofiane Loukar died in the middle of the game  after colliding with another player.

Footballer of the MC Saida , the  second division football in Algeria , collapsed before the eyes of spectators and fellow at the Habib Bouakeul stadium  in Oran. He got up and fell down and never woke up again.

According to the Algerian media, the incident occurred in the  26th minute of the first half of a match on the tenth day of the Algerian Ligue 2 and despite receiving medical assistance, he returned to the field but minutes later he fell to the ground.

The newspaper ‘El Khabar’ reported that the athlete died of a head injury and when trying to perform a maneuver with his head from an aerial pass.

The president of the  National League of Amateur Football  (LNFA), Ali Malek, was shocked by the tragedy and offered his sincere condolences to the family.

The most shocking moment occurred when his teammates heard the news and in the middle of the playing field burst into tears.


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