SNAP: what you can buy for your Thanksgiving Day dinner and where in the US

SNAP: what you can buy for your Thanksgiving Day dinner and where in the US

Much of the Thanksgiving dinner in the US can be purchased with your SNAP benefits. At Globe Live Media we tell you which foods can be purchased with these benefits and in which retail chains you can use them to prepare this family dinner next Thursday, November 24

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important national holidays in the United States, in which millions of families gather to thank their good fortune. This year, due to economic difficulties and global geopolitical crisis, it seems more important than ever to come together to ask for peace and hope. And, in case you didn’t know, you can use your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to buy some of the food for Thanksgiving dinner.

According to a survey carried out by the FinanceBuzz portal, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner consists of the following dishes: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, special sauce, sweet potatoes, the famous breads (or rolls) and pumpkin pie.

But… Which foods on this list (or others you may want to add to your Thanksgiving dinner) can you buy with your SNAP benefits? At Globe Live Media we tell you, and we also tell you which retail chains accept these benefits so that you can prepare your dinner now and enjoy a good time with your family this coming Thursday, November 24, the day Thanksgiving will be celebrated throughout the United States.

What Thanksgiving dinner foods can I buy with SNAP?

According to GoBankingRate, the following Thanksgiving foods can be purchased with SNAP:

1) Turkey.
2) Fill.
3) Cranberry sauce or fresh cranberries.
4) Canned or fresh sweet potatoes.
5) Canned or fresh green beans.
6) Canned or fresh corn.
7) Canned or fresh carrots.
8) Canned or fresh cabbage.
9) Potatoes or fresh or frozen potatoes.
10) Boxes of macaroni and cheese or pasta and cheese.
11) Rolls.
12) Butter.
13) Canned pumpkin.
14) Canned apple pie filling.
15) Milk.
16) Fruit juice.

According to USDA data, a frozen turkey is priced at approximately $1.47 per pound, making it the most expensive item on the Thanksgiving dinner list.

What Thanksgiving items can’t I buy with SNAP?

It should be noted that SNAP benefits do not work to buy everything related to Thanksgiving dinner. You won’t be able to, for example, buy alcoholic beverages with SNAP, nor will you be able to buy freshly prepared food, like a prepared turkey breast or rotisserie chicken.

Similarly, other products such as napkins are not eligible to be purchased with SNAP.

Where can I buy my Thanksgiving food with SNAP?

Fortunately for US SNAP users, there are plenty of retail chains that accept these benefits, so you won’t have as much trouble using them to cook your Thanksgiving dinner:

1) Albertsons.
2) Aldi.
3) BJ’s Wholesale Club.
5) CityMarket.
6) Food Lion.
7) Harris Teeter.
8) Kroger.
9) Market Basket.
10) Piggly Wiggly.
11) Publix.
12) Safeways.
13) Schwan’s Fine Food.
14) Sprouts.
15) Save A Lot.
16) Target.
17) Stop & Shop.
18) Trader Joe’s.
19) Walmart.

Low-income families can take advantage of the fact that there are at least 21 states that will continue to send almost $95 extra dollars of benefits during November.

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