Sin huellas lasts less than 7 hours and is one of the most successful Spanish series on Prime Video

Sin huellas lasts less than 7 hours and is one of the most successful Spanish series on Prime Video

First video is proving to have a strong commitment to Spanish fiction, having premiered last month no fingerprints. This original series from the creators of ¡Garcia! (Carlos de Pando there Sara Antuna) is the example of the perfect ‘western paella‘: a thriller with a western flavor, but with the personal seal of the national industry. And a big part of the success lies in its two protagonists: caroline yust there Camila Sodi they are huge You need more to convince you?

Synopsis, cast and trailer for Without a Trace

The 8 episodes of the first season of Sin huellas introduce us to Desi and Cata, two maids who find a corpse in the mansion they have just cleaned. Horror, panic… Wait a minute, Did a gypsy and a Mexican immigrant clean up a crime scene? They are the perfect culprits and prime suspects. Now they have to evade the police and at the same time Russian hitmen, a family of millionaires and an ex-husband with a mariachi band.

I have already advanced: caroline yust there Camila Sodi without the absolute protagonists of no fingerprintsbut in the distribution they accompany it Adriana Torrevejano, Silvia Alonso, Leonardo Ortizgris, Alex Gadea, Pastora Vega there borja lunaamong others.

Is Sin huellas so good and do I recommend it on Prime Video?

It is not uncommon for Spanish fiction to be called upon to innovate and be imaginative. no fingerprints This is the perfect project to demonstrate it. This comedy mixes dark humor and pure and simple thriller in a kind of road movie that keeps growing chapter after chaptertaking advantage of all the clichés of the genre: Russian mafia, corrupt cops and a rather tired ex-husband. However, the resulting cocktail is appealing to say the least.

Of the entire cast, and especially his partner, I would highlight caroline yust: the interpreter shines in a character that seems created for her to her measure. Now well, Pastora Vega as a secondary he is not far either, because his role is brilliant. Silvia Alonso seems a little more tiring to me, but not because of the actress, for the record.

If you are looking for an entertaining, different and addictive series, with no fingerprints it’s simple: turn on the TV, open First video and hit it play. When you reach the end of the first chapter, you won’t be able to stop because the suspense it will keep you watching. And so on until you finish the whole season and you haven’t noticed. Because it only lasts 8 chapters, you know?

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