Shrek 5 will be the next film in the saga, after the success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

After the success of Puss in Boots: The Last Wishit was a matter of time Dream works confirm work on Shrek 5, the long-awaited sequel to one of the best animation sagas in history. However, the film centered on the popular feline has grossed over $440 million worldwidegarnering some of the best “word of mouth” we can remember.

Finally, the most anticipated news for fans of Shrek: Dream works has already launched Shrek 5, and we even have the first official details of a project that is destined to make history. It’s been 13 years since it hit theaters. Shrek, happily ever after (Shrek 4)so the launch of the fifth opus will be quite an event.

What do we know about Shrek 5?

  • Variety confirm that Dream works developed the production of Shrek 5.
  • Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz there Eddie Murphy They negotiate with the producer to return as Shrek, Fiona there ass.
  • It would be direct sequel to Shrek, Happily Ever After (Shrek 4)but would seek to reach both the classic public and the most current public.

For more details on Shrek 5, we will have to wait a bit, because this data has been given Chris Meledandri In the aforementioned interview with Varietythe project is therefore only in its infancy.

A Donkey-Centric Shrek Spin-Off Is On The Way

  • In the same way, A Donkey-centric spin-off starring Eddie Murphy as the protagonist has also been given the green lightthus recovering its character in two different projects (this one, and Shrek 5).
It’s official: a Donkey-centric Shrek spin-off is also in the works

About this work, Chris Meledandri make sure he listened Eddie Murphy asking them to do a Donkey movie, which he couldn’t refuse: “I was delighted (…). This is proof of his great enthusiasm for a role he played so brilliantly and that he truly created alongside the artists of DreamWorks.“That’s why he thinks Donkey needs a movie like he did The cat with boots.

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