She leaves La que se avecina and assures that she will never come back: why Vanesa Romero ended badly

She leaves La que se avecina and assures that she will never come back: why Vanesa Romero ended badly

The actress will focus on other projects, but there could be something else behind…

the one who comes It will launch its 14th season over the next few months, but along the way there will be casualties. Despite the fact that Vanesa Romero was not in season 13 of La que se avecinahis return was possible in the new batch of chapters: no one had closed the doors. However, the interpreter now surprises with a few statements in which He claims to leave the ship, at the same time as he admits never to return.

Vanesa Romero and Alberto Caballero, a story of love and heartbreak

But first, I would like to recall the story of vanessa romero there the one who comesstill linked to her husband for several years, Alberto Caballero. Him and his sister Laura, was the creator of the most successful Spanish comedy of all time. They met on the set of the series and married in the summer of 2012 after dating for six years. maria adanezformer partner of Alberto Caballerodid not attend the ceremony despite the fact that almost all of his classmates There’s no one living here yes they participated. In effect, Alberto Caballeroalso creator of the previous series of What’s coming, he was also with maria adanez.

And surprisingly, after Vanesa Romero Alberto Caballero He is now a partner of Miren Ibarguren, also an actress in the one who comes and with whom he had a child in 2022. With Mira started in 2013, a year after saying “yes, I want” vanessa

Why did Vanesa Romero leave La que se avecina?

One would think that it was this relationship that pushed vanessa romero leave the one who comes. Nothing could be further from the truth, because after her ex-husband started with At Miren Ibargu’s, she continued to be part of the cast of the series as if nothing had happened. In this interview granted to Pronto, the interpreter confessed that “I won’t come back to La que se avecina because I’ve embarked on other projects and I couldn’t combine them with the long work sessions of the series.“. Has nothing to do Alberto Caballero, Miren Ibargure or anyone else related to comedy. Plus, he has nothing but kind words for fiction: “I have many good memories. I left wonderful friends there, because we were a big family“.

Farewell to Raquel, the character of Vanesa Romero in La que se avecina

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