When someone tells me that ”video games shouldn’t be mixed with politics”I still raise an eyebrow because I am unable to conceive of a world where something like this could exist. Everything in this life is political: what you spend in the supermarket is political, how many beers you drink in a bar is political… the decisions you make in a video game are political. The good thing is that in this short story I’m going to tell you about a case in which separating the two concepts is literally impossible and I won’t have to try too hard, since the protagonists These are the US Pentagon and Minecraft.

the companions of the wall street journal They’ve put together all the details of what’s made up of a spy story that seems to be taken from Metal Gear Solid, but here there are no whales flying through the sky, but a government entity that has been tied up by a bunch of crazy people on Discord. True Gamer Shiet, if you ask me.

US Army in check due to a Minecraft Discord

  • According to the facts, The US Pentagon is facing one of the most serious information crises in recent years.
  • The thing is that many confidential documents have been leaked through various Discord channels
  • This document They contained key data on the war in Ukraine, the countries allied to it and part of Russia’s plans.
  • The documents they had been cataloged by the Pentagon itself as Top Secret (it’s cool, like in the movies)
  • The fact is that these documents appeared on the channel from Discord of the Youtuber known as WowMao and began to spread on the Internet, Twitter and Telegram within days
  • The most serious thing is that several of these documents were available on a Minecraft server (one of the users passed it to another while discussing the war in Ukraine on the server) for at least one more month without the pentagon noticing
  • For its part, Discord is already working with the authorities and assures that it will take action regarding all of this

A new case in which video games are able to defeat a nation (the previous one was when Pokémon GO came out and parks all over Spain were impassable due to crowds of people trying to chase a Squirtle) . Anyway, it seems crazy to me that Minecraft’s name rings true in a story like this, but seeing is believing like one who says… right?

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