New Orleans police reported that a seven-year-old girl identified as Dillan Burton died after being shot in the back while riding in a car with her mother and brother.

A seven-year-old girl was shot and killed over the weekend in New Orleans while riding in a car with her mother and brother on Sunday night, police said.

New Orleans police said the girl identified as Dillan Burton was shot in the back around 8:45 p.m. Sunday as her mother was driving through an intersection, WVUE-DT reported .

Upon hearing the shots, the mother called police and the girl was taken to a local hospital, where she died , said New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Shaun Ferguson.

So far, no arrests have been made, nor has the motive for the shooting been revealed, but it was revealed that Dillan’s mother and brother were not injured, Fox News reported .

Through a statement issued on Monday, Ferguson and the mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, described the death of the girl as ” unbearably tragic .”

“As a city, as a community, we reject this. How often have we said ‘one is too much’? This is just too much. This girl deserved better from us ”, reads part of the statement.

“Anyone know who pulled the trigger. We need you to introduce yourself. The NOPD is dedicating the full force of our resources to hold this shooter accountable, and we will demand the same from our partners in the courts and in the District Attorney’s office, “said part of the letter.

They also stressed that at times like this, citizens must unite , and that episodes like these should not be tolerated by city leaders or by the rest of the population.

“What worries me is the lack of respect for life,” Ferguson told the press. “What could a seven-year-old girl have done to be the victim of such a heinous crime?”

2021 for New Orleans was violently tinged. The city has exceeded 200 homicides so far this year , one of the most alarming figures in recent years.

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