A slate of 14 members from different Florida school boards could face an opponent backed by Gov. Ron De Santis who has reportedly already started work on a 2024 ballot initiative.

So far, it looks like Luisa Santos is the only one on this list, she represents District 9 on the Miami Dade School Board.

Santos says she’s proud of Miami Dade Public Schools District 9’s successes.

“We added a counselor to each school for mental health, we supported teachers with their salaries and our agents in schools to protect our children,” explains Santos.

She assures that she will continue to work as she promised when she was elected in 2020 by voters.

“I think people are tired of the division of politics, I’m focused on what my community tells me, my community wants students to read, students are safe, that’s what I’m all working on days.”

And while there’s no record that he’ll run for re-election in 2024, you already know he could face an opponent backed by Governor Ron De antis.

The governor has apparently defined a slate of members from different school boards across the state, with the goal of replacing them with other candidates more in line with his policies, anti-revival, the term used to describe movements related to the social justice, as reported by the Fox digital news channel.

Mike Hernández, a political analyst, says: It could be that all the school board representatives around who are on this list have criticized the governor for what he says are parental rights.

Yesterday, members of Moms for Liberty, the organization that supports parental rights, met with the governor and state education officials. They identified 14 school board members from various districts, including Hillsborough and Volusia. In Miami, Dade Luisa Santos would be the only one on the list.

“It may be that the governor and his political advisers think these are the districts where the candidates he supports could win,” Hernández says.

We reached out to the governor’s office to learn more about this strategy called for by Florida’s school board reform movement. But they haven’t answered us yet.

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