Helen there David they were the first to leave island of temptations after their conflicted bonfire. From the first minute, he fell into the temptation to maria with whom he did not hesitate to have various sexual encounters that broke Elena’s heart, and when she felt strong, she asked for this encounter.

Before, he had received a visit from his mother-in-law who had already reproached him for what he had done. But it didn’t do him much good because he kept getting closer to Maria and finally, decided to leave with her and start a new relationship.

with his attitude aroused the antipathy of a large part of the audience who posted great hatred on social networks where they did not stop him.

Now is the time to see how their relationship is doing months after going through this tough experience for them. And from what we could see as progress, Things didn’t get much better between Barbie and Kenthis is how they were introduced to the series.


“I had a really bad time, but I’m going to keep it positive. In the end, I learned that people who don’t like me, I don’t want them by my side,” Elena said. Sandra Barneda.

When David walked in, he made an accusation against his ex: “Before the island, she had an affair with a boy”. “Clearly you want to clean up your image,” she charged, “what you want is to shine and you want to put me out. Shine for yourself, kid.”

“David, please, I’m going to ask you to respect the bends,” the presenter asked David, who didn’t let Elena explain. “We got to know each other, they put a fence around us and we spent those months without seeing each other. I met one person just like he met another person and we weren’t together“, he counted in response to this accusation.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, please… Weren’t we together?” When did you and I break up?David shouted as he stood up and put his hands on his head in a very theatrical way.

You wanted to look good and you’re a fake and your mother is another fake“, he let go and then the one who stood up was Elena who told him that “of my mother, you clean your mouth”.

I’ll tell you one thing, it’s the first time I have to leave a set“Sandra told them when she returned after having already left, fed up with what she was going through with the two of them.

Besides, Maria arrived to answer whether or not she was in love with David. To know the answer, we will have to wait until next Monday.

It is clear that, if we have doubts with certain couples, others it is clear that they broke up and continue like that and this one is one of them.

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