Ron DeSantis faces another lawsuit for sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Ron DeSantis faces another lawsuit for sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis faces multiple investigations into sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard Island, but to these and to a demand of the affected ones, a new judicial process is added.

The Florida Center for Government Accountability, which is a nonpartisan group, filed a lawsuit so that the governor make the records public associated with the flights with about 50 Venezuelan immigrants who moved from Texas, passing through Florida to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts.

It should be remembered that there is a report that the Government of DeSantis paid thousands of dollars to an airline a few days before the operation against immigrants was carried out, which is considered by experts as “human trafficking”, due to the deception of people.

The new lawsuit was sent to a court in León County, in the northwest of the state, after the organization asked the authorities make public the phone calls and messages that DeSantis had with his crew chief James Uthmeier, on the two charter flights.

In the requests made between September 20 and 21, the group also requested, under Florida’s public records law, the communications that the governor may have had with his Texan counterpart, fellow Republican Greg Abbott.

The lawsuit, filed by lawyers Andrea Flynn Mogensen and Matthew Farmer, points out that the governor’s office made public last Friday some documents on this controversial transfer of undocumented immigrants, but adds that they do not correspond to the information that the group has requested, now to through the judicial process.

The request made by this organization is the third lawsuit faced by DeSantis after the transport from San Antonio, Texas, to Martha’s Vineyard, with a stopover at an airport in Northwest Florida.

According to its website, The Florida Center for Government Accountability “provides support and assistance to citizens and investigative journalists who work for the transparency and accountability of the Florida government.”

Along these lines, last week Democratic legislators in the state Congress asked the US Government to initiate an investigation to determine if the governor of Florida broke the law for this transfer paid for with public funds.

The immigrants were in San Antonio (Texas) after crossing the border and applying for asylum and say they boarded the planes hired by the state of Florida under promises and without knowing until the end that their destination was Martha’s Vineyard.

Some have sued DeSantis in court in Massachusetts.

Asylum seekers were given false addresses, which directly interferes with their ability to communicate with federal immigration officials about their legal claims, according to a statement from Florida lawmakers Anna Eskamani and Dotie Joseph.

Both are part of some thirty congressmen from this state who addressed letters to the Departments of Justice and Transportation.

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