Resources available for tenants at risk of eviction

Resources available for tenants at risk of eviction

The tenant protections that emerged during the pandemic have come to an end, and large numbers of tenants would now face the debt they accumulated and even possible eviction.

But there are several assistance programs available for renters in the Los Angeles area.

That joyous calm heard in apartment buildings could be dampened by the end of COVID-19 programs that provided protection for tenants.

“We expect 3,100 evictions this month, a significant number, because there are 3,000 families who can be evicted,” said Rafael Carbajal, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Consumers and Businesses.

And some residents fear they’ll say they’ll be in crisis because of the thousands of dollars in debt they’ve racked up.

The organizers assure that the owners of old buildings want to demolish them to make way for more modern constructions where they can generate more income,” Carbajal added.

If landlords increase the rent by more than 10%, they have to pay tenants who have to move out.

“We’re concerned because we’re all being forced into legal training for the coming wave of evictions, we see that,” said Uver Santa Cruz, an organizer with the Los Angeles Tenants’ Union.

For this reason, the authorities offer a wide range of free services, and among the main programs is Stay Housed LA which offers legal advice, an explanation of your rights, and even virtual workshops.

Also the web portal seeks to empower tenants through information.

But to report a harassing landlord in Los Angeles, go to,

the association accompanies and accompanies tenants facing eviction.

“If they have rent debt due to COVID-19, we can submit a rental assistance application, and if they have the financial limits required by the program, then they are eligible,” said Francisco Arvizu. , SAJE organization.

Also, if you have applied for protection against COVID-19, you may still have until August 1 or January 1, 2024 to pay off your debt.

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