However, a small part of them are those who play on platforms such as consoles and PCs.

Video games have become an industry that generates and moves a lot of money every day. I remember many years ago video games were something very specialized, something almost misunderstood by the vast majority of society. To date, he has transcended so much that he is practically everyone sees them as another form of entertainment as it can be cinema or television series.

We all know people who play video games, and we all have plenty of friends to enjoy online. And there are more and more players, which makes the industry grow, more money is invested in it and they manage to catch even more players. It’s a snowball that keeps getting bigger And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Even so, few people would think that about half of the world’s population are gamers.

3.7 billion gamers worldwide

They were companions of Rant game those who echoed a report shared by DFC Intelligence, a group that analyzes the video game market in depth, and this report estimated the following:

  • All over the world there are 3.7 billion video game consumers worldwide
  • That supposes almost 50% of the total world population
  • However, it should be noted that only regular players are not taken into account, but also to occasional
  • Added to this is the fact that only around 300 million of these players are those who play on platforms such as consoles and PC, while most others owe it to the mobile market

In short, about 10% of gamers in the world are those who play on consoles and/or PC. Are you a console/PC gamer or are you a mobile gamer? Let me know in the comments!

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