While Eclipse is a pretty decent expansion, it didn’t quite live up to the stellar Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, released last year. We came to this conclusion when writing our review, which you can read here.

But now that the expansion has been out for six weeks now, Bungie started thinking about what it delivered, and in a recent blog post, the company admitted that Eclipse missed the mark in every way it intended.

In this post, Bungie comments, “With a fair amount of data behind us, it’s clear that we missed some of our targets and needed to make updates based on constructive feedback.”

In this regard, Bungie is primarily focused on updating and tweaking the flawed Guardian Rank system and commendation pool, with some of these changes coming in the upcoming season, which kicks off in late May.

While you can read more about Bungie’s planned small tweaks here, the studio has issued a thank you message to players for their constructive criticism.

“Building social systems is always a challenge. Even in a studio with hundreds of people, you never know how things will turn out in the real world until we put it in the hands of players. The best thing about this community is that you are not afraid to give us your feedback. Constructive feedback is always appreciated and is essential in helping us to put things in the best possible state for everyone, and we We will continue to monitor and evolve our systems so that they can achieve our goals.

What do you think of Destiny 2: Eclipse?

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