If you ask me which console is better, the answer would be what you would expect: it depends. Leaving aside the most obvious aspect of the matter, the exclusives, each console also has other attractions that can make you opt for one or the other. Xbox has Game Passwhich seems like madness to me. Nintendo Switch obviously relies on its portability. PS5, for its part, has PS VR2, a peripheral that I firmly believe doesn’t matter as much as it does.

PS VR2 is back in stock on Amazon

  • A few months ago I tried PS-VR2 there It completely upset me.
  • My first forays into virtual reality were in the pilot’s seat in Gran Turismo 7 and in the wonderful world of Horizon: The call of the mountain.
  • Both games blew me away and showed me the incredible potential of PS VR2. Sadly, it’s an experience you can’t even imagine until you try it, but If you have a PS5, I highly recommend giving it a try.
  • And now is the best time to do it because PS VR2 is back in stock on Amazon, and in addition it is back accompanied by a juicy discount. you can buy now PS VR2 for €579which means a €21 discount on its original price.

Have you tried virtual reality? PlayStation? If so, what did you think of it? As I told you before, I think that if they continue to follow this path This may become one of the main reasons someone decided to buy a PS5 instead of another competing console.

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