Possible cause of Bob Saget's death revealed, coroner says

Possible cause of Bob Saget’s death revealed, coroner says

The forensic doctor indicated to the Police that the fracture should have left “stunned” Bob Saget who surely must have noticed symptoms such as dizziness, a situation that should have been “obvious” to the people who surrounded him in the last hours of his life.

However, none of the people who testified before the police indicated that the actor had taken drugs or alcoholic beverages and that he behaved normally at all times, according to the report.

One of them was the hotel employee who took the rental car that the interpreter drove, who indicated that he had the opportunity to talk with the actor for about 10 minutes and that he seemed to be “fine”.

He even provided the authorities with a photograph he took with Bob Saget and in it there is “no evidence of injury or the hematoma near his left eye that was evident after death,” the report states.

The coroner also indicated that the interpreter of the popular television series Full House would hardly have been able to drive his vehicle after the coup, as he did for nearly two hours to get to the hotel.

With this information, the officers returned to the hotel room where he died looking for places or items that could have caused the trauma, but with no luck, although “most of the suite was carpeted”.

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