• This complaint is made by the former employee Emma Majo, who already denounced the company in November 2021 for the same case
  • Last April, a judge dismissed Emma Majo’s lawsuit and gave her the option to resubmit it with more evidence.

A former employee has sued the North American division of Sony Interactive Entertainment for sexual discrimination. Emma Majo, that is the name of the plaintiff, has filed her complaint in a California court, although this is not the first time that she has initiated legal action against those responsible for PlayStation . Already in November 2021, this former employee denounced the company for the same reasons, although she did so in federal instances.

This new lawsuit comes just a month after a judge dismissed Emma Majo’s first complaint. Apparently, the first legal action initiated by the former worker was national in scope and had been filed in federal court with the aim of compensating for damages that could have affected all Sony workers in the United States.

After dismissing Emma Majo’s case in April, the judge informed her that she could resubmit the lawsuit adding new details and evidence. This is more or less what the former worker has done, which has changed the scope of action of the complaint. Now, this new lawsuit only addresses the gender discrimination of female Sony workers below the vice president level in the California area.

The lawsuit points out that this gender discrimination at Sony responds to “a systemic pattern” and that the affected people “have suffered damages, including loss of compensation, back wages, employment benefits and emotional distress.” The complaint specifically alleges violations of the California Equal Pay Act.

As pointed out in the specialized media Axios , in February of this year, Sony’s lawyers assured that Majo’s complaint did not refer to any policy or practice that showed that there were widespread problems worthy of a class action lawsuit.

Emma Majo first filed a complaint against Sony Interactive Entertainment in November 2021. In that lawsuit, she claimed that she had been fired from the company after filing gender discrimination complaints. This is not the first case of this type reported in the North American video game industry. Other notorious cases are that of Activision Blizzard and its CEO, Bobby Kotick , or that of Riot Games , the creators of League of Legends .

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