The new PlayStation VR glasses bring new users closer to the world of VR, and while Sony’s new catalog of hardware has come with some great and varied titles, there’s one that I personally consider to stand out from a lot.

Whip Gun It is not a new title, in fact it was already available for the first PS VR with an exceptional result that left us with an extremely fun job, and which we can now enjoy in PS-VR2. Given the quality that this title possesses, we believe it is necessary to reach out, especially to users who approach the universe of virtual reality for the first time, the excellent work that they can find in the title developed by Cloudhead Games Ltd..

Sometimes we put aside titles that we consider “minor” because they do not have a spectacular visual section that makes us fall in love from the start, and Wh PistolIPs This is one of those games that can run such a risk (esto no es Horizon Call of the Mountain)However, in this analysis, I will tell you why I consider that Whip Gun are one of the best games you can enjoy on your new PS VR2.

Whi Pistolp It is a unique and extremely fun game that captivates the player like few others. It doesn’t have outstanding graphics, and even the art design it boasts of can be improved, however, it achieves from the first moment something that other titles find so difficult to achieve, absorbing the player with an extremely attractive, fun and above all addictive proposal. . And what makes it so special? His amazing ability to make us feel like we’re living in the shoes of characters like Neo, Trinity or John Wick.

Whip Gun It’s a shooting game, yes, but not just any game, because, to the rhythm of electronic music, we’ll have to take out our weapons to execute our enemies according to the rhythm and style. And that is another of the points that stands out the most in Whip Gun This is your soundtrack composed of exceptional themes that stand out and make their levels something magical, frenetic and different in each of their proposals. Their songs will be our faithful companions on stage, which we will feel vibrate to the rhythm of the incessant shots that flood the screen. Thus, we quickly feel that we are dressed in leather trench coats in the purest Matrix style. Whip Gun This is a game developed with the goal of VR in mind, it is not a game that has been updated to make it compatible with this new technology. as could be the case with Resident Evil Village, and it shows how naturally and perfectly executed its playable part is. We will advance automatically, something that could make us think that the game is quite static, however, nothing to do, the playable proposal of Pistol Whip will force us to have good reflexes and to move as much as possible in the game area. we will configure. Get ready to sweat like Whip Gun It will require physical activity that we will not find so easily in other titles. Dodging shots at the last moment by leaning to the side or dodging, Whip Gun He doesn’t give a moment of respite, and we love that.

Its arcade style is strongly felt from the start, reminiscent of great classics like Time Crisis, but with its own personality and style that make it one of the most attractive playable proposals that can be found today not only in PSVR 2 if not in any virtual reality device. In addition, campaign levels, arcade levels or the rest of the game modes, will give us the opportunity to enjoy it in 3 different difficulty modes, and thus beat our own score to that of our friends. Those who like extreme challenges have Whip Gun also a big attraction.

In addition, we can choose how to play, with a single gun in one hand or with a gun in each of them. A detail that completely changes the way we move and face the game. In addition, we will be able to customize our weapon with different paints and make it an extension of our style.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to play this gem yet, and you are one of the users who have just tasted the honey of virtual reality thanks to the arrival of the PSVR 2do yourself a favor and try Whip GunI assure you that you will not regret it.

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