Boca Raton authorities attended the Boca Inn hotel after a 7-month-old baby stopped breathing. Her parents are now under arrest, police say, because the baby was exposed to fentanyl, a powerful and deadly drug. Fortunately, the authorities managed to revive the baby and she survived.

Gekia Hunter, 26, and Bianley Jolicoeur, 27, were arrested last Monday after police were called to the hotel.

According to the police report, the baby’s mother called 911 when she noticed the baby was making strange noises and couldn’t breathe. When paramedics arrived the baby was not breathing, she was taken to a nearby hospital where she was given narcan and the baby was breathing again.

Internist Dr. David Mandelblum explains how this fentanyl antidote works: “Narcan will prevent an overdose of the drug, it will inhibit its effect on the central nervous system and the patient will be able to breathe normally and death will be avoided. to cardiorespiratory arrest.

According to the hotel manager, the couple entered last Saturday with their two twin children. The report says the couple admitted to inhaling heroin in the room. Police found traces of fentanyl in a drawer containing baby clothes. They also found over 5 grams of fentanyl in a plastic ball inside the diaper bag.

Dr Mandelblum said he was concerned about what was happening at the national level. “From an increase in drug trafficking that is happening at our borders in a totally uncontrolled way and that is reaching our most vulnerable population, which is our population of children and adolescents,” he says.

Authorities also said they searched the trash can in the room and found empty absorbent capsules with a white residue, possibly fentanyl.

The couple face charges of drug possession and child neglect, among other charges. The bonds set were $5,000 for her and $5,500 for him.

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