The original anime from the hand of TROYCA and KADOKAWA will tell a story in which the engines will be at the center of everything

There Formula 1 and motorsports aren’t usually over-represented in the anime industry, so every opportunity that comes your way is up for grabs. That’s where anime comes in.”Exceed!“, a completely original production which opens this year and which will appeal above all to Formula 1 fans (or that should be the intention). Today they revealed all kinds of details as well as an in-depth look at this new anime.

Exceed! show your cars in motion

Before leaving you all the confirmed information regarding the anime “Overtake!”, I prefer that you take a look at the one who speaks its first official trailer:

And now, write down all the available information about the anime “Overtake!” (via ANN):

  • Exceed! East an original production by TROYCA studio with the support of KADOKAWA. That is to say, there is no manga or light novel behind what we will see, it is an experience created and designed only as an anime.
  • Additionally, while there is no exact release date at this time, it has been confirmed that Overtake! It will be released during the month of October of this same 2023. Or what amounts to the same thing: it will be part of the anime catalog for its debut during the fall season.
  • On the other hand, in terms of history, these are the main traits to keep in mind:
    • The story of Overtake! takes us to Formula 4with a name photographer Koya Madoka as one of its main protagonists.
    • The photographer is on a bad patch, and one day he decides to go on the circuit Fuji International Circuit where do you meet an F4 driver named Haruka Asahina.
    • Thanks to this student, Koya feels passion again for the first time in a long time. Such is so, that will start supporting Haruka and her team to achieve their dreams.

Honestly I know more than one must be wondering why it has to be anime “Overtake!” in CGI, but the reality is that it’s kind of a proposition that if it was done in traditional animation, you either have a scary budget or you’d have something to hold onto… and not in a positive way. Anyway, I personally find it very interesting that they dared something like that, and considering that Formula 1 entertainers are like shooting stars, I’ll definitely give it a chance.

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