Oriana Marzoli and Daniele del Moro outrage the public with some images of the Italian ‘Big Brother’

Oriana Marzoli and Daniele del Moro outrage the public with some images of the Italian ‘Big Brother’

Oriana Marzoli stay inside the house Big brother Italian where he became a real protagonist in publishing. It’s worth it that in Spain it’s not to endure much in reality shows, but it seems that it was, it’s something else.

The thing is, last week she became the program’s first runner-up and it endeared some Luca Onestini who became his great friend. And we understand that he was also happy Daniel deMoro, the boy with whom she fell in love and with whom she has an intermittent relationship, not without permanent controversy. Let’s go a topic in the influencer.

Many do not forgive him that before Daniele he became interested in another competitor. But she, in the end, seemed to have it all figured out, unlike him.

The fact is that in the past few hours, Oriele, as the fandoms dubbed the couple, starred in images that outraged many. They were in the kitchen, looking in the fridge, when Daniele, to keep quiet, resorted to gestures that many considered aggressive and that they even elicited a scream from Oriana.


In the end, they ended up getting mad and she went somewhere else and tried to relax by doing a little makeup. But of course, his supporters put the cry in the sky and they don’t understand that he still gives opportunities to the Italian businessman. This causes a war between the fandoms, those who support the Venezuelan and those who support the Italian.

Many think that Daniele was great with her for two weeks, but then changed his attitude and dedicated several profanities to her that make their relationship toxic. These latest images have broken the camel’s back for those betting on the end of this relationship.

We will see if this behavior ends up having consequences in evictions.

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