The new building with high-end, affordable apartments for seniors and low-income workers in the town of Sweetwater was officially opened.

Orlando Lopez, Mayor of Sweetwater, said: “Obviously the people who work here can’t live here because the cost of housing has gone up too much.”

Located at 112 Avenue and 400 NW, the property was built in conjunction with Miami-Dade County and a private company, an affordable housing developer.

Raúl Rodríguez: private investor, from CREI Holdings: “the cost of hard construction, that is, the building and the material, was 30 million dollars and everything, including the soft cost and the price of the property, was nearly $45 million.”

José “Pepe” Díaz, former commissioner of Miami Dade, said, “When it’s private in conjunction with the government, they can cut costs because the government is helping as much as it can, both federally, state and local.

To give you an idea, there would be 244 units like this apartment which has a kitchen as well as a living room, plus 2 bathrooms with a laundry room like this incorporated into the unit and 2 bedrooms, how is it? that we can use it as a study room, and this other room, very well lit.

“The income people need to have is around $40-$48,000 to qualify to live here,” López says.

Dunia Herrera lived for 25 years in the mobile home park that sits directly across from the new building, having witnessed construction for 18 months.

“I’m very excited because I see that we now have a commission that is very committed to trying to find these solutions. What I want to make clear is that these solutions must involve the private sector,” says Commissioner Bermúdez.

There are already over 3,000 applications on what they call a waiting list, but that doesn’t mean there are already chosen ones, application starts next Tuesday at the park office at 11239 NW 4 terrace .

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