A play” has mystery after mystery, and the worst part is that Eiichiro Oda piled them all up a few years ago just to leave them hanging until it was finally time to clear things up. Well , now that the manga is in its final stretch (which, indeed, will last for years to come), it seems that more than ever it will be possible to look all these unanswered questions in the eye. In effect, maybe the time will also come to find out a lot more about Luffy’s father.

What is the identity of Luffy’s father?

  • Despite all the mysteries of One Piece lore, one truth that we discover pretty quickly in the franchise is that Luffy’s father is Monkey D. Dragon.
  • Who exactly is Monkey D. Dragon? Well, neither more nor less than the leader of the revolutionary army, which automatically makes him the most wanted criminal in the world.
Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father in One Piece
  • Unfortunately there is no information about Luffy’s mother. It is only known that, for some reason, Monkey D. Dragon decided to leave Luffy in charge of Garp when he was just a child, albeit for completely unknown reasons.
  • Little is known about the personality of Monkey D. Dragon. Among the traits that perhaps characterize him the most are tremendous will which Ivankov also sees prominently in Luffy, as well as great seriousness to fight for the cause of the Revolutionary Army as well as a great love for freedom (something Luffy is said to have inherited as well).

Does Monkey D. Dragon have any special abilities?

  • Despite the fact that he is considered a danger like few others and is aware that he has enormous power, the truth is that at the moment It has NEVER been revealed what Monkey D. Dragon’s exact abilities are..
  • However, two potential Devil Fruits for Monkey D. Dragon have been mooted for some time that would truly justify his immense power:
    • The devil’s fruit of the wind.
    • The fruit of the weather devil.
monkey d dragon frutas
Monkey D. Dragon’s true power is one that is completely unknown.
  • Why is it believed that Monkey D. Dragon might have one of said fruits? Events like when at the start of One Piece, when Luffy was about to be beheaded, lightning fell out of nowhere to save him, or that in one of the character’s appearances in front of Luffy strong winds and tornadoes will be created. Ultimately, it’s believed that whatever power he has is the one that eventually allows him to mess with natural phenomena like this.

Where was Monkey D. Dragon seen? What characters are you related to?

  • It’s certainly hard to classify someone like Monkey D. Dragon in a universe as vast as One Piece, but there’s obviously certain characters he has a greater relationship with:
    • Monkey D. Luffy: Luffy is the son of Monkey D. Dragon, although his interactions are incredibly limited. It is said that when Monkey D. Dragon sometimes looks towards the East Blue, it is because he yearns for his son.
    • Monkey D. Garp: Although he is clearly poles apart from the same reality, Garp is Dragon’s father. Despite this, the two characters have never been seen interacting, though Garp doesn’t seem particularly concerned about his son’s actions.
    • Vegapunk: Monkey D. Dragon and Vegapunk have known each other for over 20 years by the time the One Piece story begins, and the two are considered friends with great mutual trust.
    • Ivankov: He is a comrade of Moneky D. Dragon whom Luffy meets during Ace’s rescue mission. He is one of the characters who spoke to Luffy the most about what his father was.
Ivankov is one of the most talked about characters in Monkey D. Dragon
  • Monkey D. Dragon has been seen on a very limited number of occasions, but you can start by Loguetown, when he rescued Luffy from Smoker’s clutches. He has also been seen in other instances, such as looking at the new reward posters for Luffy and in the company of other members of the military.
  • One of the best-known location facts about Monkey D. Dragon is that this He was born in the kingdom of Goa and also traveled to the island of Ohara before it was devastated by the call of the buster..

As you can see, the reality is that there is hardly any concrete information about Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father. Obviously, we only know that he is the leader of the revolutionary army, but his presence has been so limited that surely the endgame of “One Piece” will lead us to reveal the many questions we still have for the character.

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