Obama asks to vote for Democrats in mid-term elections and against the poisonous of democracy

Obama asks to vote for Democrats in mid-term elections and against the poisonous of democracy

Former United States President Barack Obama claimed this Saturday the vote for the Democratic candidates in the mid-term elections against those who feed the speeches of division and violence, which are “poison” for democracy.

In these last days of campaign, Obama has turned to supporting Democratic candidates and on this day he participates in two acts in Pennsylvania, the second of them, in the afternoon, together with the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

At the event this morning in the city of Pittsburgh, Obama criticized the speeches of hate and division that proliferate in social networks. Networks that, he lamented, “have decided that it is more beneficial to promote controversy, conflict and conspiracies than facts and truth.”

He recalled the attack on the husband of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to denounce the “dangerous climate” created by those who try to “demonize” their political opponents and promote violent rhetoric.

A rhetoric that, he lamented, is not only used by politicians, but also by celebrities with anti-Semitic speeches or conspiracy theories.

Obama’s speech is in line with the messages that Biden is launching in this final stretch of the campaign, warning of the threat to democracy that a Republican majority in Congress would pose at a time like the present with numerous ultra-conservative candidates close to former President Donald Trump.

The former president asked those present at the event to vote for who “fights” for them, as they did in 2020 supporting Joe Biden.

“There is only one question to ask, who is going to fight for you, who is going to fight for the workers”, said Obama, for whom the Republicans have “a single answer for all problems” and that is “cut taxes on the rich.”

Obama will be this afternoon with Biden at another campaign event in Philadelphia.

Former United States President Donald Trump has also chosen Pennsylvania to participate in the campaign this Saturday, and will be at an event in the town of Latrobe.

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