Prime Video and acontra+ present The Chosen, the series of the moment

The Chosen (The Chosen) This is one of those series that you have to see at Easter: Beyond being religious themed, it also stands out for its amazing quality. And more when we discover that the first season was made thanks to the money raised by its creator, Dallas Jenkinsfrom a project micro-patronage (that is, what is called in this world Starter). Now, at least in Spain, the easiest way to enjoy it was to buy the DVD available on Amazon; Fortunately, Prime Video has integrated it into its catalog thanks to the channel against+.

How to watch The Chosen on Prime Video?

In reality, Los elegidos (The Chosen) is available on Prime Video thanks to acontra+a channel (or a platform of streaming) accessible from First video for which you should pay 3.99 euros per month after the 7-day trial period. In this way, you will have to subscribe to it to enjoy this series on the life of Jesus, but I assure you that the price (very cheap) is worth it.

Is The Chosen Worth It?

Spectators are the best guarantee of The Chosen (The Chosen)a series that has raised over $40 million from audiences through 2021. Right now, on platforms like Filmaffinityaccumulate a average rating of 7.9/10, ranking among the best premieres in recent years. Now you have read this far hoping to find some justification for investing your free time in seeing this fiction available on First video

The Chosen Ones (The Chosen Ones). Season 2 (DVD)

  • “The Chosen” is the worldwide phenomenon that changes the lives of tens of millions of people with each new episode. The second season of this series, with eight episodes, dives back into well-known historical events explained in a completely new way. “Come and see.”
  • Shahar Isaac, Jonathan Roumie (Actors)
  • Dallas Jenkins (director)

At the narrative level, The Chosen (The Chosen) is a success. Never before has a film or series focused on the life of Jesus of Nazaret I had delved so deeply into the characters, their conflicts and their relationships. Taking as a point of view the life of the disciples before and during the apostolate, we discover very interesting details. Pierre, André, Marie-Madeleine, Matthieu oh Nicodemus are some of the protagonists of the first season, chapters in which We will discover their desire for faith, their personalities and their family, professional and social situation.. What did the arrival of the Messiah mean to them?

Now well, Technically, at least the first season falls short of what you’d expect from a historical (or religious) series. That is to say, it shows that it is a project financed by the public and that its director and creator, Dallas Jenkins, you don’t have the budget to count the entire life of Jesus until his death and subsequent resurrection. This may change over the years, as the director has planned about 7 seasons, if not more.

the chosen ones the chosen premium video
Los elegidos (The Chosen) is available on Prime Video and Movistar+

In summary, Yeah I think it’s worth seeing The Chosen (The Chosen), and more now that you have it available on Prime Video. And if you don’t have access to this platform, It is also available on Movistar+.

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