The Nintendo Switch 2 could be released in 2024 and here I explain in detail everything to expect from the console

This article should start by mentioning that There’s nothing official about the Nintendo Switch 2. Everything we know so far comes from rumors and typical logical deductions of how the video game market works. Nintendo has never decided on a successor to the current Switch, but we all know that this console having been launched in 2017 and having a lifespan of around 6-7 years, everything indicates that 2024 will be the launch year of the Switch 2.

Now we are going step by step to tell you everything you need to know, especially if you are planning to buy a Switch now and need to know if now is the right time or not:

Nintendo Switch 2 release date

All voices in the industry agree on this. Everything suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be announced in the final stretch of 2023 for an early or mid-2024 launch. A theory that would make a lot of sense following the logical life cycle of any video game console.

In this regard, there is very relevant information to pay attention to, if you look at the tax data for 2022, Nintendo has extremely high spending on production hardware compared to previous years, in 2022 they are spending 7x more on this item, isn’t that suspicious? It is possible that the company was starting to invest in components for the machine, since it must be borne in mind that the console is not manufactured in two days and if the Nintendo Switch 2 comes out in 2024, there are already consoles on the production line.

Therefore, I’m definitely betting that the Nintendo Switch 2 (or whatever it’s called) will be announced in 2023 and go on sale in 2024.

Will Nintendo Switch 2 games be backwards compatible?

It happens to us as with the previous point, there is nothing official here and everything is based on rumors or speculation. I’ll try to collect in a list of points the key aspects regarding games and backwards compatibility:

  • donkey kong freedom: There is rumor the development of the game of our dear monkey who would take advantage of the potential of the console to offer an open world. Good old Donkey hasn’t received a new installment in a long time, so that wouldn’t be unreasonable.
  • New Mario game?: Since Mario Odyssey in 2017, we haven’t received an original episode of our beloved character. I’m sure the Miyamoto team is working on a project and maybe it’s reserved for Switch 2.
  • backward compatibility? Well, let’s see, although there is rumors What they say Switch 2 may not be a console that runs current Switch games, the truth is that would seem like a very bad move to me on Nintendo’s part. The current Switch is one of the best-selling consoles of all time, and preventing your games from working on the next console would be a very bad move for your consumers.
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The performance of the Nintendo Switch 2 would be up to x4.5 more

Although we are once again in front of theories and speculations. It is thought that the Nintendo console could look like the Jetson Music NX 16GB from Nvidia. This would make the console between x3 and x4.5 more powerful than the current version. What would be the cause of this increase in power?

  • This increase in power could be intended to look for a base resolution of 1080p and 60 frames per secondsomething that is currently impossible to see on Switch.
  • Currently, Switch games run at 720p or 880p, so we would gain in resolution and frame rate, allowing us to create more ambitious scenarios and elements in any game.
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So what to expect from the Nintendo Switch 2?

I end this article as I started it. We don’t know anything about the Nintendo Switch 2 and if it goes through your mind to acquire a Nintendo Switch in 2023, I am the first to encourage you to do so. You can check prices and models here. But it would be interesting to keep in mind that it’s possible that in less than a year we will have the Nintendo Switch 2 among us. I summarize the whole article in these points:

  • Possible announcement in 2023 and launch in 2024
  • New Donkey Kong and new Mario Bros could accompany the release. Also a reissue of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?
  • A power that would easily double that of the current console.

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