The fans of Nicki Nicole there RelB they are lucky. And it is that they have been asking for months and months for a collaboration between these two young leaders of the urban music industry, and they have finally made it happen.

Argentina and Spain unite What’s wrong with me?, a song loaded with urban sounds and a very catchy melody capable of taking us directly to the dance floor. But it looks like we’re not the only ones. Nicki and Skinny Flakk also go all out at the disco, letting go of each of these sounds.

This is what they demonstrate in the clip of the song directed by Lucas Vignale, which reveals the strong bond that exists between the two. A connection we’re sure was also experienced in the recording studio, flowing with each of his verses and imagining that everyone who listens to him gives his all with his verses. In the music video, Nicki sings in a nightclub audience about feeling abandoned by someone, while Rels expresses the contradictions of a relationship. They meet on the track and give it their all.

This is the second preview of ALMA, Nicki’s upcoming studio album. Everything indicates that it will be one of his most personal projects, since, given the meaning of this song and that of I won’t cry :’)his words will bring us closer to his own experiences.

The launch of What’s wrong with me? It has been very well received on social media and digital platforms. And it is that the two are two of the most important Spanish-speaking artists of the international urban music scene. And you, what do you think of their first collaboration together?

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