New World: Deluxe Edition, already at half price

New World: Deluxe Edition, already at half price

New world This is one of those games I haven’t given a chance yet. But the reason for this is none other than the accumulation of games that I find myself with today. There are more and more and I can’t cope, but not for that reason, I’m going to close my eyes to the price reduction he’s had lately and I’m coming to recommend him to you, because yes, because I want to.

And it is that New World has joined many other games that are at a lower price today through Amazon. And, to be more exact, currently this opus of the open world MMO has halved its price, with which, it is a great opportunity to enjoy And endless dangers and an adventure that lives up to expectations for many fans of the genre.

At what price is the New World?

  • Well, with a normal price of €49.99, currently, It’s only €24.99.
  • As you may have checked, the reduction was 50% off.
  • Of course, this version of the game is not the standard version, but the deluxe edition.
  • It is available through following the amazon link.
  • This version does not have a physical format, but it does have a Redeemable Steam Code.

What does New World: Deluxe Edition include?

  • base game
  • Hatchet Outfit Design
  • lumberjack ax
  • Pet Mastiff: To get the mastiff pet, you will need to reach level 15 to unlock the houses.
  • Set of rock paper scissors gestures: The perfect game to help you make decisions with your friends in difficult moments of adventure.
  • New World digital art book.

About the new world

This episode looks like a Open-world MMO set in the Aeternum region. He has a dark and deep story and full of many mysteries and dangers that It can be enjoyed both solo and co-op. It’s up to you whether you want to enter this dangerous adventure alone or with your group of friends.

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