Substantial amount of ‘LEGO 2K Drive’ screenshots appear online

Substantial amount of ‘LEGO 2K Drive’ screenshots appear online

Imagen: Forza Horizon 4 Expansion LEGO, Playground Games

About a year ago, we brought news of a report about 2K’s partnership with LEGO to develop a series of sports games, a partnership that has yet to be officially announced. However, a new leak has certainly made these reports legit, as many “LEGO 2K Drive” screenshots have been shared online.

To be clear, this game He does not have been announced by 2K at the time of writing, so take these in-development footage with a grain of salt. That said, they look pretty legit to us, and they look pretty polished too, even though the plans focus heavily on loading screens and such.

From the shared images, LEGO 2K Drive looks like a Kart Racer in the background, possibly with open world elements as described in last year’s report and leaked mentions of the “Shared World” mode.

We hope this one becomes official as soon as possible, especially with these screens now available. After more than two decades, could we finally get some sort of sequel to lego runners 2? It certainly looks like it!

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