As on the previous Tuesday, in Survivors: No Man’s Land we experienced a new ceremony of salvation. Last Thursday we learned that the new nominees were Sergio Garrido there Artur Dainese of Fatal Beach and Diego Perez there Aldon’s Gem from Playa Royale.

Diego was the only one to repeat as a candidate. Last week, he was the first to be saved from the nomination and it was necessary to check if he continued to maintain the same support.

Laura Madrueno He brought the nominees back to the boat where they would have to fall in the water and cut the rope because they were still nominated. The first to fall were the paparazzi. Artùr followed him, leaving Fatal Beach without the possibility that either of them would be saved.

It was between Gema Aldón and Diego Pérez. She was lucky enough to win the reward test after completing the test puzzle and was able to eat a potato omelette with bread. He had less luck getting his buoy stuck in the ropes and not being able to complete the test.

Gema froze to death waiting for the public’s decision. “He has goosebumps“, assured Laura. Eventually the presenter cut his rope and Diego put his hands on his head knowing he was saved again.

“I don’t believe it Laura it’s been a shitty day and thank you so much people for saving me again and I hope to give it my all. It’s been a hell of a day and saving me now has been amazing“, he said enthusiastically.

contested decision

The former participant of island of temptations One more week is won and many on social networks wonder how this is possible.

If on the one hand there are those who wonder why Diego has once again been the stoppage of the week, others applaud the result because they see in him a great survivor with options to become the winner of this edition.

For this there is plenty of time. For the moment, it seems that, if things don’t change, he will be the eternal candidate. We will see if also the Eternal is saved.

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