Transport authorities want everything to go in the right direction, so they are leading an initiative to avoid or reduce incidents of people driving in the wrong direction on motorways.

Soon you will see large red ramp signs all over Miami-Dade County. This statewide initiative is in the first phase of building the new warning and alert system that will be installed at eleven on-ramps across the county. Two of them have already been installed, one at Palmetto and Bird Road.

According to the authorities, accidents involving drivers traveling in the wrong direction are catastrophic and often fatal.

Construction will include improvements to pavement markings, the installation of pedestrian crossings and a radar system. Additionally, this new technology would emit signals with LED lights and later alert authorities.

Many of these crashes, according to Lt. Alex Camacho of the Florida Highway Patrol, most often involve drunk drivers.

Over the past few months, we have reported at least 5 serious accidents involving drivers driving in the wrong direction. One such case occurred in August 2022, where five teenagers died after their vehicle was hit by a prison officer traveling the wrong way on the Palmetto.

Last year, statewide, more than 1,800 such crashes were reported, 128 of which resulted in fatalities.

If you see any of these alerts, authorities recommend that you immediately find a safe way off the highway. Also, at night and early in the morning, I tried to drive in the center or right lane, because those driving in the opposite direction tend to drive in the left lane.

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