A 6-year-old boy was killed last Friday by a gunshot on a highway in California, on USA, after a shooting caused by a possible traffic incident, reported the California Highway Patrol (CHP) of Orange County.

According to the chain Univision, the minor was identified by family members as Aiden Leos, 6 years old. Next to his mother Joana Cloonan. They were both heading to the school in Yorba Linda around 8 in the morning.

During the journey, the two of them were crossed by a white car “possibly a VW jetta”. Joana allegedly gestured to the driver of the other car, says Alexis Cloonan, Aiden’s sister.

In that dispute Joana Cloonan noticed that in the other car there was also a man as a passenger. Immediately, they began to follow her and she fired.

She didn’t know it was a shot until she heard my little brother say, ‘Mommy, my tummy hurts “and that’s when he saw it”, adds Alexis. “She had him in her arms while he was dying, no mother should experience something like this”.

Joana Cloonan contacted 911, but was able to enlist the help of an off-duty police officer. This person gave the boy cardiopulmonary breathing while they waited for the paramedics. Aiden died shortly after arriving at the children’s hospital.

The woman and man in the other vehicle disappeared in the north of Highway 55 with an unknown route. The authorities have described the event as a possible “road rage”.

If people know something or you were driving on Highway 55 between 745 and 815 and your vehicle has cameras, please call our office.” Said Californian highway police officer Florentino Olivera.

It’s about a “isolated case of road violence”, he deepened.

A large number of people came to the bridge that crosses the highway of the violent event to place teddy bears, flowers and messages of comfort for the family of the 6-year-old boy.

The possession of firearms is very common in USA and children are regularly victims of its use.

Since the beginning of the year, 119 children under the age of 11 have been shot dead in the United States, and 274 have been injured, according to the Gun Violence Archive site.

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