This ice skating manga hasn’t stopped surprising critics since its debut a few years ago.

Medal“could be the next big thing”boom‘ sports anime. We are talking about work that uses the ice skating as its main attraction, in a gesture that will remind many of the iconic “Yuri!!! on the ice“, and that since the beginning of its publication, it has won nothing but awards and received praise from all those who gave it a chance. Now, a leak suggests that this same manga will make the leap to anime format.

Medalist Manga Reportedly Ready To Make The Leap To Anime Format

So I leave you with everything MangaMogura has shared on what, in theory, is an open secret at this point:

  • Basically, MangaMogura saved What ‘Weibo user’ confirms that Medalist will have its own anime. At first it may seem shady, but this “Weibo user” has encountered every leak so far.
  • As if that weren’t enough, from SugoiLite account confirm exactly the same thing by their own sources: the medal winner will have an anime.
  • For now none provided a possible release date or even a month, so I personally think the anime won’t land until 2024 (among other things because the official announcement hasn’t been made yet).
  • The Medalist began publishing in 2020 and has a total of 7 volumes published. Of course, the rate of publication of work is monthlyTherefore, its chapters have a larger number of pages than weekly publications.
  • For those interested, the main story is as follows: Tsukasa Akeuraji watches her potential career as an ice skater flash before her eyes for ‘start too late‘. This is why he is going to help Inori Yuitsuka, a young girl interested in ice skating, to prevent her from ending up suffering the same frustrating fate as him..

Honestly, everywhere I look I see nothing but good reviews for “Medalist.” To date, it has won awards such as the ‘Next Manga Award’ of 2022 or the 68th Shogakukan Manga Award of this same 2023, so it is indeed a work that many already recognize as the present and the future of the manga industry. Now all that remains is to patiently wait for this leak to eventually materialize.

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