The spring anime season left us a few days ago with the premiere of one of the franchises that was going to get the most early following: “Masha“. This manga that transports us to a world of magic shares very obvious similarities with universes like”black clover“y”Harry Potter“…although it does more making fun of it all so as not to tell an epic story. And yes, the truth is that he does very well what he sets out to do.

What is Mashle and how is he engaged in humor?

“Mashle” is definitely an anime that knows what it’s doing, and that’s how one can break your strength in different ways:

  • If we talk about his evocation of the Harry Potter universe, it’s quite obvious: we are in a world where magic is essential to everything. If JK Rowling taught us that magic could be used for the most mundane of tasks, so did Mashle. Not only that, but there is also schools of magic who actually ended up knocking on the door of Mash himself, the protagonist. How does Mashle deviate from Harry Potter then?
Mash is a bit short, but he makes up for it by having a big heart
  • Here is the figurine of Black Clover, this anime/manga which also presents a universe full of magic… but with the difference compared to Harry Potter which its protagonist has not the slightest iota of magical power. And that’s what Mashle offers: good old Mash has 0 magic, and Just like Asta, he is dedicated to brutal physical training. to compensate for the fact that he is clearly at a disadvantage compared to everyone else.
  • Going back to Harry Potter, perhaps as a wink, there is the peculiarity in the world of Mashle that those who can use magic have a mark on their face. Indeed, Harry Potter had a very distinctive scar, but again, unlike said work, what differentiates Mash here is precisely that he has NO marks (implying that he possesses no magic ).

Beyond all the similarities and differences that I could easily point out between “Mashle” and “Black Clover”/”Harry Potter”, where “Mashle” stands out from the two franchises is in marked parodic treatment. In the first episode we see how Mash deflects insanely powerful magic as if it were a mosquito in his path, not to mention when he picks up a wand and launches it like a projectile at brutal speed. Come on, if you want your typical magic story, you won’t find it here, but if you want a ridiculous take on the concept, “Mashle” won’t disappoint.

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