The boys’ last bonfire, like the girls’, in island of temptations, it was not easy. They had to deal with the images of their girlfriends and they didn’t take it very well. well everyone except David who remained without seeing Helen which made him feel guilty after succumbing to the advances of maria.

“The bonfire ain’t over yet,” he told them Sandra Barneda when they thought the bad drink was over and they could go back to their villa. As some looked towards the torches to see if anyone was approaching, the presenter pulled out a necklace.

One that looks very familiar to us. “It’s the veto collar, with it you have the power to veto a bachelor for 24 hours. The chosen bachelor must leave his villa for a whole day and he won’t be able to have contact with your daughters,” he informed them.

The chosen

I think we should vote for Michaeltempted to lydia because I think Manuel is the one with the most uncertainty in his body and I hope that with this touch of attention Lydia will realize and calm down a bit,” he said. alexander.

“I think for she realizes a little that her boyfriend likes her and that he remembers her a lot, Miguel,” David added.

“I’ve been clear, I don’t want to see my partner Manuel, my brother, in bad shape, and I think he needs him more than anyone,” he said. alexander.

“Ultimately I came here to test myself, I came here to Noemie I could go out with a guy. I prefer to open my eyes here than outside, so I prefer to give the necklace to Miguel to send a message to Lydia”, he expressed. Adrian.

And, of course, Manuel was not going to contradict them. “Miguel, without a doubt, I want to thank all my teammates because they are unique, the best, thank you for supporting me. Clearly I want Lydia to land a little and that she knows that I am here thinking of her and that I love her more than anything,” he concluded, saying.

When Sandra asked her if she was going to understand the message, she assured that “yes, she will see that I am worried and that I need a change in your attitude”.

“Having Miguel 24 hours out of town is going to be a relief for me, It will give me the chance to tell Lydia that I love her.that I want to be with her and that she has things to improve”, he expressed in front of the cameras.

And after that, his bonfire ended.

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