He heart and arrow of Manuel Carrasco He has just finished his tour in America. During this month of March, the man from Huelva presented his latest album in Miami, New York, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

As we could see through his social networks, the singer really enjoyed his adventure on the other side of the pond. Especially with his American fans, who hadn’t seen him for so long. During all these years, Manuel Carrasco has not lost the humility and closeness with his fans that characterize him. And so we could see it in some posts that he shared in which we see the singer taking photos and signing autographs for his fans.

One of these last stops on the tour of America was in tGran Rex Theater in Buenos Aires, in Argentina. In this concert, Manuel Carrasco interpreted the greatest hits of his entire career, not only the songs of heart and arrowhis last outing.

That of the Argentine capital was a spectacle in which both the singer and his band and above all the public gave their all. Carrasco gave his audience an unforgettable concert, performing up to twenty-five songs from his entire discography. His last two works were particularly popular, The cross on the map there heart and arrow; with themes like Leave me alone, pull slowly, it’s good to love, Are, coquito, He wasoh Must live in the moment.

Manuel Carrasco’s most special gift to Argentina

The singer from Huelva could not leave Argentina without performing his usual bulería dedicated to the capital, a song in which he refers to the most characteristic places, personalities and customs of the city. Besides, On this occasion, he wanted to update the lyrics by including Messi’s much commented “andá pa’allá bobo”.

His meeting with Joaquín Sabina

Throughout this month, Manuel Carrasco shared with his fans photos and videos of his stay in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. And in one of these publications, we were particularly surprised by his meeting in Buenos Aires with another Spanish artist who was also on tour there, Joaquín Sabina. “Master Sabina, what a joy to see you! Thank you very much, it’s an honor”, the one from Huelva said through instagram.

Return to Spain to continue the tour

Now that Manuel Carrasco has finished his adventure in America, It’s the singer’s turn to return to Spain to prepare for the tour with which he will cover a large part of the Spanish geography between the months of June and October. He Heart and Spire Tour 2023 It will start in Sevilla on June 2 and end in Barcelona on October 21.

In total they will be almost thirty stages where Manuel Carrasco will go up to present his latest songs in Spain. Don’t miss it!

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