The use of firearms in the wrong hands can cause tragedies.

A tragic episode completely changed the life of a family from Minnesotawell, what he painted to be a morning of adventures in the forest, ended the life of Jeremy Her, a boy of only 12 years.

In order to spend a few days in the middle of nature, the Hers traveled 100 miles from St Paul, where they reside, to Moose Lake Township, a township located in Carlton County.

Once installed in the place, one of the adults who is indicated as Jeremy’s uncle asked him to join the group that would go out in search of squirrels to hunt them.

However, during the journey something strange happened, because the boy was mistaken for prey and ended up shot behind his left ear, which also affected his spinal cord.

Given the seriousness of the events, support was requested from the emergency medical services and once the authorities arrived, the wounded man was immediately taken by helicopter to a hospital located in the Twin Cities area where he would receive medical care. Nevertheless, the doctors who examined him immediately told his relatives that he was brain dead.

Either way, the boy was put on a ventilator for life support until 13 hours later, his own parents requested to disconnect him, as they were convinced that he would never wake up.

In this regard, the Cass County Sheriff received a report of what was allegedly a hunting accident. However, an investigation is open to determine what exactly happened and who will be held responsible for the death of a minor.

In the meantime, Through a page on the GoFundMe platform, Salina Her, older sister of the dead child, intends to raise the necessary funds to organize a funeral for him.

“We kept hoping that maybe this was a dream and we would wake up from it all, but we miss her presence, we miss her voice and her laughter,” the grieving girl wrote on her Facebook profile.

It transpired that Jeremy Her attended Washington Technology Magnet School where he was on the football team.

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