Madison Cawthorn cleared by the House Ethics Committee for sexual misconduct

Madison Cawthorn cleared by the House Ethics Committee for sexual misconduct

After photos and videos of the Republican in misconduct that led to an investigation were made public, the House Ethics Committee determined that she was cleared of the charges.

North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who is about to leave office after losing the primary election, was cleared of having an “inappropriate relationship” with a male employee after incriminating photos and videos were released.

The House Ethics Committee referenced some news articles and information on social media about a series of photos and videos showing the Republican representative engaging in “explicit as well as sexually suggestive behavior and comments.”

Some time ago, a video was first made public in which the congressman grabs another man’s crotch, then the leaked material came out, including images of Cawthorn partying in a nightclub wearing sexy lingerie and engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior.

Both Cawthorn and the man involved, Stephen Smith, “denied having a romantic or sexual relationship.” In the report of the House Ethics Committee, he determined that Smith was not his relative as they had exposed.

He also confirmed that the leaked images were taken before Madison Cawthorn was sworn in as a member of Congress and were therefore outside the panel’s jurisdiction and he was exonerated of that offence.

Notably, the House Ethics Committee reprimanded the representative and ordered him to pay more than $15,000 for violating conflict of interest rules by publicly promoting a cryptocurrency he owns and failing to promptly disclose cryptocurrency transactions.

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