The only couple for whom we still had some hope of continuing to believe in love in island of temptations it was that of lydia there Manual. They were the only ones who, despite being carried away by their tempters, had not crossed impassable limits.

The final bonfire has arrived and the time to clarify all doubts. It was a somewhat cold meeting during which two kisses were given on the cheek. “Let’s talk first,” Lydia asked. They both wondered if they were okay. “My heart goes a thousand“, she assured.

Things didn’t start well. Lydia was very cold and Manuel kept saying it was very strange and that he did not see her as she is or as he knew her.

The first criticisms came from his meeting in front of the mirror which so disappointed Manuel. Then he came to analyze the last few weeks.

reproaches come

Sister Lydia is the nickname they gave her and Manuel was clear about it. “Compared to your companions, you can be Sister Lydia,” she called out to her companions. “They called me Sister Lydia because I didn’t do anything and I didn’t do anything either. The first few days, I had a terrible time because I didn’t open up to anyone. I didn’t play, I didn’t do anything, I only thought of you. When I started to relax a little more… because at no time did I see that I had disrespected you”, she continued to analyze, something with which he did not didn’t quite agree.

Then came the turn to see the images and Manuel continued to maintain that what they both did was the same with the only difference he felt for Miriam and Lydia, for Miguel, not. Something that drove Lydia crazy because she didn’t understand that she could compare the two behaviors. Finally, Manuel admitted that he had done worse, no matter how much he said it was always clear that Lydia was the woman of his life.

When they saw the footage of Manuel crying for Lydia, she was stunned because she hadn’t expected it. There they began to understand each other.

Declaration of love

After all, it was time to look each other in the eye and speak from the heart and Manuel launched with one of the most beautiful declarations of love we have seen on the program.

“I need you to breathe deeply, to forget everything, to look me in the eye and to listen to me very well. My life with you is a dream, it’s a fairy tale and every moment is unique,” ​​he began by saying.

I love going to the supermarket and shopping, I love waiting for you forty minutes while you remove your makeup and I love telling you how beautiful you arehe listed the simple, everyday things that build a relationship.

“Here I really learned to suffer for you, I learned to value what we have built and, above all, I learned that it is worth sacrificing everything to live together And if I have something very clear, it’s that I don’t want to wake up and not have you by my side anymore because I love you, now, and for the rest of my life”, a- he concluded. And only a kiss could seal a few words like that. “I’ve missed you so much,” Lydia said crying. Sandra Barneda He couldn’t help but be excited.

I want everything to go back to how it was, pleaseManuel asked Lydia, “I’m really afraid I’ve destroyed what’s ours.” But she calmed him down.

Sandra encouraged her to also speak from her heart, even though it was more difficult for her. “I am a different person, you will feel super proud of me when you see me. I was not jealous, I was always fine and that is to say I came here and gave this change for you. I’ve always thought of you,” he assured her.

The final decision

After so many confessions and an overflow of feelings, it was time to answer the big question. Lydia had once considered going out on her own, but Manuel clarified that he wanted to leave the island “with my love, with Lydia”. It was to her that she was clear:With the love of my life, Sandra, who is by my side and, in fact, we are already taking”.

“I can only tell you one thing, how envious you are. I am happy to see you happy because this experience is not easy as you have seen, but you have achieved it. You have overcome your fears, your insecurities. You showed that love is stronger than anything“Sandra ended up telling them.

We will have to see in the reunion if the return was easy and if they were able to forgive each other for everything that happened.

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