Long lines at gas stations in South Florida on Monday highlighted the delays that were reported in fuel distribution days after historic rains and flooding in South Florida, mainly in Fort Lauderdale.

Last week’s flooding caused fuel distribution problems in South Florida. Port Everglades officials said roads in and out of fuel tanks were flooded, preventing their trucks from reaching gas stations.

“It’s like consecutive lines, each input line is miles and miles long,” a host told Telemundo 51’s sister channel NBC6 on Sunday.

And NBC 51 observed long lines at a Costco gas station in Pembroke Pines and other Miami-Dade stations, including a Mobiel in Hialeah that ran out of gas. This pattern of long lines of cars and gas stations was repeated in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Officials of Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, one of South Florida’s largest gasoline distributors, confirmed Friday that distribution was halted after Wednesday’s storm.

Days later, Port Everglades and county officials were telling drivers to be patient and assuring the public they were working to deliver more gasoline to South Florida.

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