The results of the gala 3 of Your face looks familiar to meFor the moment, the general benchmarks have not changed much. But according to the list of imitations planned for the fourth gala, anything can happen. A duel, a ‘Bring friends’ and iconic performances will be the general tone of the next gala of the musical format par excellence. Who will be who?

All Gala 4 performances of Your face are familiar to me 10

  • Susie Caramel- Rosalie (Duel).
  • Augustin Jimenez – Charlie Chaplin.
  • Anne Igartiburu – Kylie Minogue.
  • Andrea Guasch – Angela Carrasco.
  • Alfred Garcia – Mark Anthony.
  • Josie- The Buggles (with two girlfriends).
  • merchandising- Rick Asley.
  • Myriam Rodriguez- Rosalie (Duel).
  • Jade- jamiroquai.

Of this list of performances and imitations, I am definitely left Rosaliawho will be the protagonist of the duel between Miriam Rodriguez there Suzie Caramel. In principle, it will be the singer of TO 2017 the one who starts with an advantage, but the comedian could surprise us if she finds the right tone, something she has not yet achieved despite having played characters who a priori corresponded to her.

Josie You will need to bring two friends (not just one) to be able to imitate Bugglesa British band new wave formed in 1977, consisting of Trevor’s Horn there Geoff Downes. They are best known for their hit single “The video killed the radio star”, released in 1979 and became an international hit. It was the first music video aired on MTV in the United States!

Miriam Rodríguez and Susi Caramelo will face off in a duel… Which will be the best Rosalía at Gala 4 of Tu cara me suena 10?

Other than that, few surprises. I would like to know how you are going to proceed. Alfred Garcia as Mark Anthonyand finally Andrea Guasch escape the international pop divas. As for Agustín Jiménez… Will another week come with a full score of four? The comedian has not had an easy life to attend…

When is Gala 4 of Tu cara me suena 10 broadcast on Antena 3?

Despite the fact that during Holy Week there was no Tu cara me suena (its broadcast was changed to schedule a special), we have already returned to the usual rhythm. The gala 4 of Tu cara me suena 10 is broadcast on Friday, April 21, 2023 at 10:00 p.m. on Antena 3. And remember, the gala will be available a week in advance on ATRE Player Premium only if you are a paying subscriber. How much does it cost to be a user of ATRE Player Premium?

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