An alleged domestic violence dispute ended Giovannie Gutiérrez’s life in November 2022.

Five months later, the authorities are still looking for the author, identified as José Mendoza.

According to authorities, the event began with an alleged discussion between Gutiérrez and his ex-girlfriend which allegedly turned violent.

The Hispanic family made several 911 calls before their neighbor came in and shot five of them, survivors said. To learn more about Telemundo, visit

When the young woman asked her relatives for help, her father arrived and allegedly shot her in the head.

“I don’t know why he had a gun. If I had spoken to him, it would have been better,” Rachel Ávalos, Gutiérrez’s mother, told Telemundo 52. “Or (he would have) spoken to us, with the man, we would have arranged something.”

Since then, Ávalos assures that he finds comfort. She travels daily, up to twice a day, to the location on the Sierra Highway where her son was murdered.

He lit candles and sprinkled holy water on them.

“I like going there because I feel it close to me,” says Ávalos.

At home, she has an altar for her son, with his photographs, caps and candles. He confesses that there is not a day when he does not mourn the loss of his son

Jason Izaguirre was killed in a shooting last year on Elk Creek Rd in Dallas.

“I loved everyone very much. (Was) very kindvery affectionate.”, says Ávalos.

Surveillance footage shows Mendoza walking into a sheriff’s station but he never surrendered. Authorities are now looking for him for murder.

His mother only asks him to help him get justice

“(I ask) that you help me find this person, this man, and that he surrenders so that everything ends”, pleads Ávalos.

Authorities do not know his whereabouts but know he has ties to California and Mexico. They assure that Mendoza could be armed and considered dangerous

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