The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Menudo founder Edgardo Díaz for allegedly sexually assaulting one of its members in the 1980s, according to reports from the LA Times.

The LAPD investigation, according to the LA Times, is focused on an alleged attack that occurred at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles against Roy Roselló.

This is the first criminal investigation linked to Menudo and Edgardo Díaz.

“That’s how we want to remember him: laughing, happy, just like you knew him,” Johnny Lozada said.

“We can confirm that a report has been written and that this is an ongoing investigation,” an LAPD spokesperson said in a statement to the LA Times. “Due to victim confidentiality, the department cannot provide more.”

The charges against Díaz arose after allegations by Roselló, a former Puerto Rican gang member from the 1980s, who revealed that he had been sexually abused by the gang’s founder and former director.

Rosello accused Diaz in a clip from the docuseries that aired on “Today” on Tuesday, April 18.

The former menudo also revealed that José Menéndez, who was then manager of RCA Records, she had sexually abused him when he was a teenager.

“He’s the man who raped me,” he says in the clip, pointing to a photo of José Menéndez. “This man. He’s the pedophile.”

Menendez was murdered, along with his wife, in 1989. Their sons, Lyle and Erik, were sentenced to life in prison in 1996 for both crimes.

Díaz founded Menudo in 1977, which remained active until 2002. Members participated in the group from ages 13 to 16, including Ricky Martin, who was part of it between 1983 and 1989.

NBC reporter Mike Gavin contributed to this article.

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