The filming of the sequel Joker It’s getting better and better, raising the gigantic anticipation that the spin-off’s continuation of the origin of the evil character from the Batman universe has sparked around the world. And to display a button. Because the new official photo from the film starring Joaquin Phoenix there Lady Gaga is already among us.

Both the director Todd Phillips like the artist herself, they took it upon themselves to reveal it through social networks on a day as beautiful as this February 14, when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. And that’s exactly what the feature film celebrating the love of Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Lady Gaga’s gaze and Joaquim Phoenix’s gesture of assurance are the stars of this photograph where the spark between the two characters seems to be born. It must be remembered that in previous films that told the story of the two, it was claimed that Harley Quinn was the Joker’s psychologist in Arkham and that she ended up becoming his evil partner after being seduced and pushed into madness by the character.

We’ll have to wait to see how Joker 2 Folie a Deux addresses the history of the two since the original episode was a harsh social image of a Gotham that would have driven anyone crazy. How will Todd Phillips fit this into his concept of Joker 2 as a musical?

The Joker sequel was an open secret after the box office – and Oscars – success of the first, and although it was hard to get, it was finally confirmed. Along with a few other issues in its writing process, it’s now a reality. And in principle, you should not fear the same reasons that made you hide your bat girlespecially since it is a film that suits them for the big screen.

As published exclusively by US media Deadline, the film will premiere on October 4, 2024, the same day that its first part was released three years ago in various parts of the world. With this novelty, fans are already closer to discovering the new adventure of the most famous maniac in Gotham City -and perhaps in the world of comics- in which… He will not be alone. We already knew that the title referred to a French term by which it is determined that two people share a psychotic symptom, such as delirium. This is how we dive into the plot of The Joker and Harley Quinn at the hands of Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix.

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