Las órdenes de desalojo en la comunidad Latina se siguen dando casi a diario y, de acuerdo a organizaciones defensoras de los derechos de los inquilinos, la mayoría son desalojos arbitrarios por parte de propietarios que se aprovechan de muchos inquilinos que no saben lo que deben hacer in such cases.

In a recent case, Mr. Reyes Ruiz, his wife and two children, say the manager of the property where they lived changed the plate, took their belongings and, although they had paid the month’s rent April, they found themselves the victims of a seemingly wrongful eviction and even spent the night in their car.

The organization Colectivo Poder Comunitario is helping the Ruizes, but thousands of people in the Latino community have been affected, especially now that protections offered during the pandemic have ended and rent must be paid from April 1, 2023.

Many tenants who are threatened or forced to vacate a property are unaware that for an eviction order to be valid, it must first be in writing.

Lawyers say that if you receive an eviction order, it is imperative that you respond in time and appear in court with legal representation.

There are several tenants’ rights organizations fighting to provide lawyers and, in some cases, free help. For advice and representation, you can visit the website.

The services of community organizations are free and will help you respond in writing to the eviction order and find a lawyer to plead your case.

The only one who can give you a real eviction order is a judge, who decides whether the tenant stays or leaves, and if an agreement is reached with the landlord, it is very clear and all in writing.

Do you have questions about tenant rights?

On Wednesday, April 24, Telemundo 52 and NBC4 will have an open call bank to answer all your questions about tenant rights.

Dozens of people will answer your questions and doubts about the laws that support you. Experts who speak English and Spanish will be available to help you.

Remember, just call 855-622-5248 this Wednesday, April 24, 4-7 p.m.

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