Was it really a good idea to greenlight a live-action Knights of the Zodiac?? I don’t want to say the movie can’t be good, but we already have anime precedents that are unfortunately adapted by Hollywood, and I’m not just referring to Dragon Ball Evolution. For example, What do you think of Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note?? Better forget it, don’t you think? Also, The first reviews of the movie Knights of the Zodiac are already with usand we can say that even Sean Bean fails to elevate the bottom line.

So are the early reviews of Knights of the Zodiac

Thomas Baginsky made his film debut on the wrong foot: although he made short films inspired by the witcherthe live action of The Knights of the Zodiac it was his most important project to date. It’s surprising that even not having Toei Animation in production, the film has better resultsbecause that’s what the experts who have already seen it say:

  • santiago garciaof Reading Cinema: the ugly visual effects, the pompous and mediocre dialogues, the acting below tolerable and the whole idea that we only saw a prologue transform the two hours of this film into a total scam for viewers.
  • Cesar Ovandofrom 3D Juegos Latam: “not worth it. The film doesn’t even come close to the filler of the original anime and looks too much like the lousy approaches Netflix has had with the franchise over the years (…). Stay away from her and don’t ask for more accommodation“.
  • Aglaia Berluttifrom Hypertextual: “Another disappointing adaptation“.
  • Paul Valdiviaof El Comercio: “Although everyone makes up their minds after seeing it in the cinema, but, as far as I’m concerned, neither music, nor story, nor feeling… or anything! Everything has been left in a sad but precious attempt at what could have been and was not”.

In summary, a poor adaptation, as much as Dragon Ball Evolution was over a decade ago. And since then, I always say the same thing: let’s not adapt anime if the result is going to be that.

Little or nothing of the authentic Knights of the Zodiac can be found in their live-action

¿Era tan mala Dragon Ball Evolution?

Not bad, next. Dragon Ball Evolution is a lousy adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s manga/anime and an example of poorly executed cinema. Even a decent budget didn’t allow us to revisit some of the biggest fights in the universe. And now that we know Knights of the Zodiac is on the same path… Let Hollywood shut up with the anime.

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