This change of score in the Kings League brings it closer to the regular table football

The Kings League has always wanted to avoid draws and so it will bebut they proposed a change which the public voted on and agreed to change the scoring system in league matches.

Penalties will continue to exist and no match will be left without a winnerbut the points will be distributed if the game is very close.

  • The ace victories keep walking 3 points.
  • If it’s tied in the regulation forty minutes penalties will be played:
    • The one who wins the penalties will receive 2 points.
    • the one who loses in the lot you will receive 1 point.
  • And it gets lostwill continue to be 0 dots for the loser
Photo of Kings League Stats.

With that, the draw will be tighter if there is a tie in the matches. If we are lucky, for the show, we can have last days with puzzles and calculations on points. Do you think there will be more equality or that little will change in the league?

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