Kimetsu no Yaiba” has already stepped on the accelerator with the action of his anime season 3and on this occasion the villain that we saw in action is neither more nor less than Hantengu. Indeed, the one identified as upper moon 4 he started negotiating left and right, and in the process already gave Tanjiro and Genya a good beating or whatever. But, who really is this demon and what are the abilities that make him so powerful?

Who is Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Upper Moon 4 (SPOILERS)

  • To start talking about Hantengu, we must mention the obvious: has many appearances.
  • Although we first know him as an old bald man who mostly gets around on all fours, he eventually got around to having a total of 7 different looks which are characterized by a rejuvenated face as well as long brown hair (Not in all cases).
  • I have to say that Hantengu’s seven appearances date back to his days as a human. At the time, he committed all kinds of crimes to which he always pleaded not guilty. Despite his atrocities, he was a person who always reacted with fear towards everyone and everything that crossed his path, to the point that the juxtaposition of his cruelty and fear eventually drifted into madness.
  • Thus, the various apparitions of Hantengu are characterized by show various emotions such as anger, joy, apathy, etc.since Hantengu’s main body found itself unable to express anything beyond fear.
  • Each of Hantengu’s appearances represents the following human emotion:
    • Sekido is related to will go.
    • Karaku is related to the emotions of joy.
    • Aizetsu is linked to a feeling of apathy.
    • Urogi, similar to Karaku, is characterized by showing a extreme joy.
    • Zohakuten is similar to Sekido in that it shows angry emotions.
    • Urami, although having an exact appearance to that of Hantengu, has a face identified with the rage (which, indeed, contrasts with Hantengu’s fear).

Powers and Abilities of Hantengu, Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Upper Moon 4 (SPOILERS)

  • Hantengu’s most obvious ability is the one that allows him to split into a series of clones that identify with different human emotions. The only way to finish off Hantengu at this point is to find the main body and destroy it.
  • This main ability of Hantengu has a secondary characteristic that makes it even more deadly: clones can be merged for an even more powerful new look.
hantengu kimetsu no yaiba
Hantengu splits into a series of clones to fight with their opponents.
  • Each of Hantengu’s appearances has its own characteristic abilities.which are classified as follows:
    • Sekido: He is characterized by immense speed and great reflexes, as well as the ability to modify his body at will. The latter allows him what is perhaps the greatest of his powers: absorbing other clones to give birth to Zohakuten, a Hantengu clone with immense power. the same, too can generate very high voltage electricity.
    • Karaku: He also has the ability to alter his physique to some degree, in addition to showing that he has brutal physical strength that comes with great physical toughness. This demon is also able to generate powerful gusts of wind.
    • Aizetsu: Again, this personality shows an ability to alter his physique to some extent as well as great resilience. He also has the ability to throw his spear to be able to attack at great distance.
    • Urogi: This appearance is characterized by having a bird’s body that allows him to fly and cut with his heels with the ability to split a diamond. Urogi can also generate powerful sound waves through their screams that stun opponents.
    • Zohakuten: Zohakuten’s main ability is the one that allows him to control the wood around you at will, for offensive and defensive purposes. Also, being the combination of Hantengu’s previous 4 appearances, he also has the ability to use his abilities but in a more powerful way.
    • Clocks: This clone of Hantengu, identical in appearance to the main body, significantly increases its size so that Hantengu can hide inside and use it as an escape route if necessary.

And that’s all you need to know about Hantengu, the Upper Moon 4 who appears as one of the two main villains in the Blacksmith Village arc of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. Given her rank, it’s obvious that she was one of the most powerful upper moons in Muzan’s service.and his defeat causes events to begin to get on track until the final stretch of history.

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